Livestock and Bloodstock Insurance

Covers the insured animals against death, injury or loss due to accidents, lillness and disease. Extensions of cover:
-Transit cover
-Furrowing risks (pigs)
– Calving risks(Dairy cows)
– Theft.
Animals Covered: -Horses, cattle and pigs.

Tobacco Insurance

(a) Tobacco Field to floor
Covers Tobacco while standing in the field, Tobacco leaf undergoing curing,
grading, storage and in transit to auction floors against fires and lightening, barns fires, riot and strikes, malicious damage and transit theft to floor.
(b) Tobacco Hail and Wind
Covers loss or damage to Tobacco the plant standing in the field against Hail and Windstorms.

Crop Insurance (Except Tobacco)

Covers the insured crops against loss or damage caused by Fire and Lightening. Crops covered: Including ibut not limited to Wheat, Maize, Rye grass, Lucerne. Extensions of cover: Early rains (Winter Wheat), Controllable Disease, Frost, Drought, Floods, Hail, Wind, Malicious damage, Riots and Strikes, Destruction by stray, domestic animals.

Motor Comprehensive

Covers the insured and farmer’s private and commercial vehicle against its own damage and third party legal liabilities such as bodily injury, death and property damage.

Poultry Insurance

Covers the insured birds against loss due to accidents, illness and disease. Birds covered: Layers, Broilers, Parent Stock. Extensions of cover: Theft cover

Goods in Transit

Covers loss of or damage to insured goods, owned by the insured or for which the insured is responsible in the course of transit caused by an accident or misfortune to the vehicle carrying such goods.

House Owners (Private Dwelling Buildings

Covers loss of or damage to insured farm private dwelling building by fire, lightening, allied Perils and Theft.


All Risks (Business Property)

Covers loss of or damage to insured property caused by perils not expressly excluded.


Covers loss of money in transit or on the insured’s premises arising from hold-ups, robbery or attempt of threat.

Householders (Contents)

Covers loss of or damage to insured farm household property by fire, Lightening, Allied Perils and Theft.

Fire and Allied Perils

Covers loss of or damage to Farm insured buildings by Fire and Allied Perils.

Public Liability

Covers Legal liability to third party for accidental bodily injury, death and/or property.

All Risks (Personal Property)

Covers loss or damage to insured goods, valuables and specified personal effects caused by perils not expressly excluded.


Covers loss or damage to farm insured property by theft.

Employers Liability

Covers the insured against all sums legally liable to pay as damages and claimant’s costs and in respect of death, bodily injury or disease to employees in the course of their employment.


Insured's Duty

The insured must observe and fulfill all the terms of the policy in so far as they relate to anything to be done or not to be done by the insured or any person claiming to be indemnified and the truth of the statements and answers in the proposal shall be conditions precedent to any liability of the company to make any payment under this policy.

Notification of Loss

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Written Notice

Every notice or communication to be given or made under this policy shall be delivered in writing to the company..

General conditions, exclusions and exceptions

All conditions, exclusive and exceptions are as per standard individual polices..