• The Legal Expenses Plan is an insurance policy that covers the member, also known as the “insured’ for LEGAL ADVICE, ASSISTANCE, and COURT APPEARANCES. Which, basically, are its core benefits.
  • The policy covers the Members life partner/spouse and six of his/her/their dependent biological or legally adopted children under the age of 21 years who are unmarried, full time students and financially dependent on the principal member.
  • It has a Minimum age entry of 18 and Maximum age entry of 64

Packages, Pricing & Benefits

The premium rates are shown per annual cover limits below:

Bronze ZMW 35.00 ZMW 35,000.00 Civil & Criminal matters
Silver ZMW 65.00 ZMW 75,000.00 Civil, Criminal, Labour and Family
Gold ZMW 95.00 ZMW 115,000.00 Civil, Criminal, Labour, Family, Divorce and Contracts
Platinum ZMW 125.00 ZMW 150,000.00 Civil, Criminal, Labour, Family, Divorce, Contracts, Taxation, Conveyancing and Trusts
  • The Commencement date of the policy is the date on which the first premium is received
  • Premiums can be paid Monthly, Quarterly and/or annually by deduction code (payroll), debit order or mobile payment.
  • Premiums are package related and no additional premiums are required for immediate family.
  •  Premiums do not increase annually.

Claim Process

  • Legal Advice is available on receipt of the first premium. Members have immediate access to a 24-hour legal service center to obtain legal advice and standard legal documents.
  • Legal Assistance or legal representation is provided after the waiting period. A three (3) month waiting period applies (6 months in the event of divorce claim).
  • The policy pays the attorney or legal practitioner directly in the event of a claim.
  • The member may claim an unlimited amount of times, however, cover is controlled by the maximum annual cover chosen by the member.
  • The maximum sum assured for one individual is ZMW 150,000.00 (aggregated over all LEGAL policies).